Dell: Batteries from Hell.

I don’t like disparaging companies. Dell was a good company. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have recommended anything BUT Dell. But they’ve cut costs to the bone, outsourced support to India, and generally now make inferior products sold at cheap prices that are prone to failure.

Recent reports indicate that Dell is trying to turn things around. They’re investing $100M this year to improve support. They’ve moved a lot of the engineering and design work in-house, and have sworn to improve quality.

In the mean time, quality woes continue. Check out this story on a massive recall of Dell laptop batteries:

NYT Article on exploding laptop batteries.


One Response to Dell: Batteries from Hell.

  1. […] Does this sound like the same thing that Dell just announced it is going through? Last week Dell announced it was recalling 4.1 million batteries. (See our other post about Dell batteries). Interestingly, all batteries being recalled by both companies were made by Sony. […]

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