Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 is now (finally) available

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 has been around for years, with few if any significant performance, security, or usability improvements added over that time. But thanks to valid competition from Mozilla’s Firefox, Microsoft has tested, and now finally released (just yesterday) for general consumption, Internet Explorer 7.

Our take: You should move to Internet Explorer 7, replacing IE 6.0. We don’t usually recommend software that is brand new out of Redmond, but in this case, the changes are compelling enough. They’ve added tabbed browsing (which Firefox started out life with over two years ago), and added significant security improvements. In addition, the interface, which will take only relatively minor adjustments to get used to, is more user friendly.

The download was just posted on Microsoft’s web site yesterday (October 18), and can be accessed from their front page at:

For a pretty good initial review of the browser, check out this article from eWeek.

Happy (Happier) Browsing!

123 Tech Team


2 Responses to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 is now (finally) available

  1. […] – hmmnn, methinks they like it somewhat, still, theres time!!! […]

  2. 123t says:

    Now wait! we didn’t say we were enamored with it. It’s just better than IE 6. We haven’t compared it to Firefox, our longstanding favorite… and frankly don’t expect to switch sides soon. But it is better, so if you must, for some reason, use IE, move to IE 7.

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